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Custom Web Design & Development

Why does it matter?

It matters because you want your business to have a unique identity online completely set apart from your competitors, that's the least you can do with your website. Websites used to be just an online company profile, but now it's all different, it's part of your business identity and the way you present information about your business on it can make all the difference. It's a chance for you to show off what makes your business so great that people should pick it over others. Even more so, your website should entice visitors to start a conversation with you and conversations are usually where businesses start.

Things to look out for when designing a great-looking website

High Quality Images

Always go with your actual photos, but if you don't have them, stock photos will do too

Colour Scheme

The colours for your website must represent the way you want your brand to be portrayed

Special Offers

Come up with offers to put on your site, offers provide an opportunity to creat good visuals

Hero Banner

Your hero banner is the first thing visitors see, make sure it looks amazing

Full Custom Design

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High Conversion Landing Pages

What is a Landing page?

A landing page is the page in your website where visitors arrive when they click on a link somewhere to your website. You can have a landing page completely separate from your main domain or you can also treat the pages in your website as landing pages, it's completely up to you. The most important thing is landing pages are structured so that visitors will take an action before they leave the page. This is the very reason why landing pages are used for paid ads or are optimised for SEO, because they would be where you want your visitors to land on.

Different types of calls-to-action

Click to Call

This allows your visitors to make a call just by tapping on a button on your mobile site

Fill Out a Form

This allows you to collect information on a potential customer and contact them later

Newsletter Subscription

This allows visitors to easily sign up to your newsletters just by putting in their email address

Direct Chat

With this, any visitor can chat with you directly on your website without having to go anywhere else

High Conversion Landing Pages

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SEO Friendly

Why is this so important?

Having a proper SEO setup on a website means so much more than you can imagine. If your website is not SEO-ready, it will be very difficult for any future SEO campaign and it could mean you have to get a completely new website. This is why we put so much emphasis on making websites that are SEO-friendly. This involves making sure the performance and speed of the websites are up to scratch, meeting standards set by Google, and also ease of adding new content in the future. We build the website theme using HTML & CSS and then we integrate them with WordPress for future changes and updates.

SEO Friendly

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