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From the services industry, trades to e-commerce, we have helped many businesses reach their conversion goals, whether they be leads or sales.

the winning formula

the 4-steps toward online success

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step 01
tell us about you & your business in detail

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it's about you first before your brand

This is a very common misconception, many business owners think the main reason their customers buy their products or services is because of the quality, price, or functionality of these particular products/services. While this is true to a degree, in the current business ecosystem that has grown more personal than ever, it’s more often than not the customers choose your products/services because of YOU as the business owner.

That is why before we hear about your brand, we want to know more about you. What are your values? What drives you? What gets you up in the morning?

integrated brand personality

The combination of who YOU are as a person and how great your product/service is will be at the forefront of all you marketing and sales endeavours long into the future. This will be key to growth hacking and creating a sustainable business operations.

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discuss your existing digital assets
step 02

should you get a website or a landing page?

Both websites and landing pages are good for a business. If you’re really looking to build your presence online, especially with SEO, then a website would be suitable. However, if you already have a website and just want extra traffic that would convert then a landing page would help. The nature of a landing page and its main purpose is to drive people to take an action while on your site, while a website would do a better job at convincing people that you are a legit business that displays all information transparently on your site.

what we consider when building your site:

pagespeed optimisation

pageload speed

search engine optimisation

seo- friendly

call to action


platforms we work with:

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step 03
choose how you plan to reach your audience

which advertising channel should you pick?

Now it’s time to analyse the nature of your product/service while deciding on which channel is best to approach your target audience. If you sell a common/often sought product/service, then search engine ads or SEO would be the most suitable since it’s about being found while people are actually looking for the product/service you provide.

However, if your product/service is novel or can be considered new, then social media would do a better job at introducing it. Image or video ads can be created as a way to effectively explain what it really is. Once the ads have been going for a while, you can retarget those who were interested with more ads. As for building trust, an influencer campaign can really help with that.

what should we track?


form submissions


There are other important conversions as well such as Add to Cart as well as doing certain actions like staying on one page for a set period of time or visiting a set number of pages within your site. We set up the tracking that matters to you.

social media management (daily posting) and paid advertising management as well as influencer campaign for:

search engine optimisation (seo) for:

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optimise & capitalise on what works
step 04
assess - analyse what works and doesn't work
optimise - make sure what works actually works 100%
scale - dedicate extra budget on what works

it's time to scale

After running all the campaigns of choice, it’s time to stop, take a step back and analyse. Let’s face the fact that online marketing involves a lot of experimentation and businesses who are not willing to experiment will surely be defeated by their competitors who are.

After analysing the best performing campaigns, those campaigns have to be further assessed to see it they are already at 100%. Once that’s done, all you need to do is increase your budget and decide how much sales you want for the marketing budget that you have.

the most important metrics

cpa | cost per acquisition

cpc | cost per click

cpm | cost per mile

about ostenpowers

Ostenpowers was founded in 2018 with a small animation project to serve as a social media ad for a home maintenance company. The founder started receiving more demand from his acquaintances to help as a marketing consultant who mostly participated in discussions about high levels strategies. Over the years a team was built within Ostenpowers to provide a one stop solution, from strategy to execution, to our small but loyal client-based.

As the team is expanding, we are now ready to help more businesses to achieve their online success.

Feel free to connect through email, phone call or add Allan on linkedin.

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