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Ad Designs

What kind of ads should you pick for Facebook/Instagram?

While a nice well-made video is always a good option to use as the ad material, we always like to think outside the box and create something that can generate engagement organically. The goal of running a social media ad is usually traffic or conversion on your own website but a lot of people are forgetting that the social media also has its advantages. Creating ads that do not only bring traffic to your website but also high engagement whether it be likes or comments or shares would also benefit you greatly.

How to create an engaging ad design for social media


We first do our research by looking at competitors or other relevant businesses/media to see their best posts/ads that have created the most engagement. This could be done manually or we could also be using tools to find out more information about what competitors are doing.

Replicate & Adapt

After research, we put together a list of ideas and pick the winner. We then will replicate the overall concept but then adapt it to our client's business specifically to make it authentic.


Once the objectives are set and the concept is conceived, we then start creating the design manually with all our client's branding style in mind to make it their own. Once we publish, we monitor and make adjustments to optimise the performance of the ad.

Highly-Engaging Ad Designs

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Target Audience

What can you experiment with?

The only way to find the best target audience in the huge pool of audiences on social media is by constant experimentation. Below are some of the things we always experiment with:

  • Gender - Instead of combining both genders, try separating them
  • Age - Create separate ads for the different age groups
  • Interest - Come up with target audience segments
  • Location - Try to find which areas appreciate your business more

It doesn't matter if you're using one general ad for all these different ad sets/campaigns with the experimentation above. It's a process of elimination approach that we can count on to find just the perfect audience for your business. Once we find the perfect audience for a certain ad, we move on to the next ad and do the process all over again.

Target Audience Experiment

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Tracking Pixel

Why is tracking important?

It's important to track traffic from your ads because that is the only way we would know what ads bring you the highest number of conversions or actions taken on your website. This is especially true when it comes to creating a campaign with conversions as the goal. Without setting up the tracking pixel properly, we won't be able to start the campaign at all because the platform doesn't have any idea what we want the visitors to do. Below are some examples of conversion action types available:

Website Purchase

Track which ads bring the traffic that converts to purchases in your e-commerce

Lead Form Submission

Track people who leave their details on your site to be contacted again in future

Add to Cart

LTrack people who have put your products in their cart but did not proceed to pay

Survey Response

Track how many people filled out your survey from your social media ads traffic

Tracking Pixel Monitoring

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