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Android & IOS

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We are able to develop apps for both platforms at once, and both are created natively so the app will definitely run very smoothly without a hitch. Creating an app could be a long process with a lot of beta-testing and bug-fixing activities, but we have found a way to expedite this by keeping the templates of codes we created and reusing them for future projects. This is why we can quote you a very competitive price to create your app.

The main features

News Feed

Tell your app users what is happening with your business at the moment, new offers, specials, etc

Social Wall

Put all your social media accounts within your app so your followers don't have to switch between apps at all

Sell Merchandise

Bring your shop into your app, whatever it is, you can also enable payment from app as well

Chat Functionality

Let your app users reach out to you from the app, this will bring you closer to your clients

Android & IOS

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Complete Solution:
UI & Backend

UI & Backend

We don't just build the app for your clients to use, we also build a very friendly back-end system for you so you can easily update the content of the app anytime you want. You can create a new announcement, post a new picture, chat with your users, as well as updating all the text within the app to your liking.

By making you able to change things within the app without the need for you to know or understand any coding, the app is truly under your control. If you can get creative with the way you utilise the app, it can really boost your business to new heights. Imagine introducing a store credit system where your users can invite their friends to download and use your app in return for a little bit of instore credit, it can really go viral.

Complete Solution: UI & Backend

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Feel free to reach out and have a chat with us, we are known to give too much information that could help clients before they even sign up with us and we'd like to keep it that way because we really do want to help