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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Our experienced team handles SEO projects like a pro and that means you'll know what we are doing to make sure your site rank better on Google every step of the way.

If you do your SEO with us, you will:

Get an activity report regularly, there are no SEO secrets
Get involved in the important decisions of changing your website content
Get a ranking report so you know your own growth
Enjoy a surge in traffic and number of conversions

Boost more organic traffic and skyrocket your business growth with our SEO magic

Our team of experts can assist you in crafting and executing a tailored SEO plan designed to align perfectly with your business goals and objectives.

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Transform your brand with these 3 essential steps to achieve SEO greatness.

1. Site-Wide Technical Audit
2. Authority Building
3. On-Page SEO Optimisation
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Site-Wide Technical Audit

We start by auditing your existing site

The first step in our SEO ranking process is a thorough analysis of your website. We delve into its structure, content, and performance to identify strengths and weaknesses.

We use several different tools to identify the issues quickly and we will immediately create a document with a list of them as well as what the next actions are before we implement the changes to fix the issues. This step includes:

Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Content Strategy Audit
Technical Audit
Off-site Backlink Outreach

Authority Building

Backlink Acquisition

Registering your business in the best directories available locally and nationally can increase the visibility of your website and ultimately your business.

Blogging Outside Your Blog

This is a smart way to increase visibility, especially if your post is really interesting and you write about a well-searched topic. Doing this regularly can boost your SEO campaign.

Here are some ideas where you can build links organically:

Business Directories

We will find relevant business directories and create your business profile.

Guest Blogging

We will write articles for you and post them on relevant & popular blog sites.


We will find opportunities where your business can be featured in editorials.


We will find relevant forums and insert a backlink to your website where appropriate

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Have you heard that content is king?

Content's significance in SEO cannot be overstated, serving as a crucial element for both website visitors and search engine bots. Quality, not quantity, matters most in content creation, ensuring clarity for these bots to align your pages with relevant keyword searches.

Keyword research is the foundation, guiding us to identify optimal ranking opportunities before crafting compelling content. Client input is valued, as it merges expertise with research findings. The most important parts of an on-page optimisation:

Page Title

The headline that will show first on SERP

Meta Description

The description that will show after page title on SERP

H1 Tag

The first text that shows up on your page, should be the main idea of the page

Alt Tags

Adding text to your images on the page so the bots can read them

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Ethical and
Transparent SEO That Delivers Results

The Google Algorithm is an ever-evolving beast, constantly changing its rules and preferences. What may have propelled your website to the top of search rankings in the past could now potentially harm your online performance.

To secure your lasting success on Google and other search engines, it's imperative to remain nimble and adapt to this ever-shifting landscape. This is precisely where we step in.

At Ostenpowers, we've assembled a formidable team of account managers, content creators, and technical SEO experts who not only stay vigilant but also thrive in this dynamic SEO environment.

Unlocking the Power of SEO Strategies for Website Growth

104,457 104,457
$122,000 $411,000
Ads Budget Saved
22,485 182,261
Annual Organic Traffic

Going from a fleet of 1 Vehicle to 6,
in 2 years!

MCN Plumbing's remarkable journey, A testament to their commitment and our digital marketing efforts in SEO and Google Ads, which have propelled them forward in a fiercely competitive industry.

MCN Plumbing Specialising in a wide range of plumbing services, we can assist you with toilet repairs, tap repairs, leaking pipes, blocked drains, hot water repairs, and gas fitting.

  • Over 10 landing pages created
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Magnets and flyers printing and distribution
$55,00 Total cost per conversion

1000+ Total conversions in the last 30 days

How Ostenpowers Skyrocket Your Business Growth

You'll find a team of digital experts you can trust to deliver tangible results

Competitive prices, ensuring you get maximum results without compromising quality

Giving you the freedom to choose how long you work with us

Passionate about your business's growth and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals

You can expect transparent and honest communication from us at all times

We prioritize long-term success over short-term gains with our ethical SEO practices

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