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Step 1

Technical Audit

We start by auditing your existing site

You might not realise but there are a lot of hidden issues within your website that are not immediately visible or noticeable. Of course you wouldn't know because when you open your own website, everything works fine, maybe just a little slow. However, in order to prepare for a successful SEO journey, we must make sure that we resolve all the issues on your website before we begin with any work. We use several different tools to identify the issues quickly and we will immediately create a document with a list of them as well as what the next actions are before we implement the changes to fix the issues.

One thing we need to emphasise is the mobile friendly-ness of your website, if it's not mobile friendly, we will need to make it so before proceeding with any work because otherwise it will all be for naught. Find below some interesting data about SEO in 2021 and why you should start now:

of Users
completely ignore paid ads
of ALL Online Activities
start with a search engine
of Searchers
never click past the 1st page of Google
of Marketers
say the best leads come from organic SEO
of Wesbite Traffic
comes from organic SEO

Site-Wide Technical Audit

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Step 2

Authority Building

Back-link Acquisiton

Registering your business in the best directories available locally and nationally can increase the visibility of your website and ultimately your business. SEO is about visibility and you want to be as visible as you can, plus all these links will add to your website authority that can boost the SEO performance of your website.

Blogging Outside Your Blog

Yes, you don't always have to write blog posts and put them in your own blog, you should do it on other sites too. This is a smart way to increase visibility, especially if your post is really interesting and you write about a well-searched topic. Doing this regularly can boost your SEO campaign, just make sure to add a link back to your site.

More on Website Authority Building & Its Importance on SEO

So now we know that having your website link on other sites can truly be beneficial for you in terms of visibility. But that is not all. When Google's or other search engine's bots crawls these websites where your links are, they will find these links and make a connection between that other website with your own. From this, the domino's effect starts, Google will assign some of the authority from the other websites to yours and this is where the magic happens. After we do this for you often enough, your website authority score will increase and Google or other search engines will have no choice but to put you in a higher position than before. Here are some ideas where you can build these links organically:

Business Directories

We will find relevant business directories and create your business profile.

Guest Blogging

We will write articles for you and post them on relevant & popular blog sites.


We will find opportunities where your business can be featured in editorials.


We will find relevant forums and insert a backlink to your website where appropriate

Authority Building

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Step 3

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Have you heard that content is king?

Yes, this is very much true. Without good, relevant content on your website, you leave search engine bots confused of what your website is all about. Content is not important only for the visitors of your website but also for these crawler bots. Each page of your website needs to be able to show these bots exactly what that particular page is about so they can connect it with their database of keyword searches and match your website with them. But you need to remember, good content does not always mean loads of content, it's about the quality of the content, not the quantity.

Research-based content creation/edits

No, it's not that simple to create good content, not to mention good content that people will FIND. You can write the best content in the world but if you don't do the keyword research to find out first what search terms people look for, it won't amount to much at all. This is why we always take our time to do the proper keyword research, figure out the best opportunities for your website to rank for, before we finally produce the content brief and then finally write up the content. But don't worry, you as the client will always have a say in this, we always try to merge our research result with the client's opinion because nobody knows your business as well as you do. The most important parts of an on-page optimisation are:

Page Title

The headline that will show first on SERP

Meta Description

The description that will show after page title on SERP

H1 Tag

The first text that shows up on your page, should be the main idea of the page

Alt Tags

Adding text to your images on the page so the bots can read them

On-Page SEO Optimisation

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