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Google Search Ads

What are the Google Search Ads?

The Google Search Ads is the core model of advertising available in the Google Ads Platform. It's where Google uses its algorithm to match the keywords people search for with the keywords that advertisers bid for. It's a comprehensive marketing tool that can really help businesses invite their target audience to their website. Advertisers are usually charged for every click that they get from Google, and each keyword has a different CPC (Cost Per Click) depending mostly on its popularity and competition. The goal when running a Google Ads campaign is usually to achieve the lowest possible CPC which can then lead to the lowest possible CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Benefits of Google Search Ads for your business

Quick Relevant Traffic

Start inviting your target audience to see and interact with your website

Receive Conversions

Start getting calls, form submissions, or sales from the traffic

Pay for Clicks

You only pay for the clicks you get, so no clicks = no payment needed

No Minimum Budget

There isn't any minimum budget so you can start with whatever you have

Search Ads

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Google Display Network (Banner Ads)

What is the Google Display Network?

Have you ever heard of Google AdSense? It's a way some website owners can monetise their websites by letting Google display ads on their websites. So the Google Display Network is a collection of websites which work together with Google to show ads from advertisers. The form of the ads could either be text, image banners, or even moving image banners (GIFs). This is a very effective way to increase awareness of your product/service at a very low cost.

Effective for remarketing

Remarketing is a feature in Google Ads where you can tag previous website visitors and then retarget them when they go to other websites on the internet. It's a smart way to try to regain a visitor who visited your website but did not take any action. Many advertisers rely on this technique to increase their website's conversion rate. After all, targeting someone who has already seen your product/service could yield a better result than those who have never heard of you.

Google Display Network (Banner Ads)

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Youtube Video Ads

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Running a YouTube ad for your business could be beneficial in a lot of ways because the platform has a huge number of active viewers daily, but it also provides advertisers with the opportunity to explain their product/service better in a much longer duration and with the help of attrative visuals to boot. The quality of the video production in this case is paramount because people will not be interested in watching poorly-produced content. So that's one thing to keep in mind at all times when running a YouTube video campaign.

Small tips for beginners

Viewers usually decide whether they want to continue watching your video ad within the first 2 seconds. So the first key to running an effective YouTube video campaign is by making sure that the first 2 seconds of the video can hook people in and entice them to watch the rest of the video. We always keep this in mind when we produce video ads, the first 2 seconds is always key to the success of any video ad campaign.

Youtube Ads

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